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What the Industry has to say...
“Marphona Farms is currently the Chair of the Organic Dairy Farmers Focus Group who are an integral part of the current organic dairy systems trial here at Massey University. They have incorporated a number of business practices not routinely seen on primary
production units.”

Jacalyn Scott - Project Manager
Organic Dairy Research
Massey University Agricultural Services

“Marphona Farms is a showpiece of New Zealand’s dairy farming business excellence (both organic and conventional). Trade NZ has always been able to have access to Marphona Farms with visiting media, business people and tourists for the purpose of promoting New Zealands agricultural business and technology excellence. This assistance has been absolutely vital in the strategy of portraying New Zealand agricultural technology products to potential customers worldwide.”

Grant Sewell - Account Manager
Agritech and Life Sciences - Trade New Zealand

“Over and above this commercial success,
Marphona have developed a “model” farm operation that is designed to the highest current thinking of best practice. Far from compromising the commercial side of the operation, this has made the property an attractive destination for tourists and has enabled them to exploit the reputation of the farm and offer “consultancy” to developing countries such as China.”

Andrew Baines - Business Manager
AgriQuality New Zealand

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